Our services include full financial planning, as well as comprehensive investment management through our investment arm, Optimize Wealth Management.

Providing the value of advice

Financial planning has many components, and together we prioritize and cover your highest priority areas first.
The full scope of planning includes the following services.

Retirement Fund, Accumulation and
Income Planning

  • Develop comprehensive savings plan required to meet desired retirement lifestyle and income needs
  • Determine the optimal sequence for liquidation of assets for income longevity and tax minimization
  • Continuously monitor and adapt the retirement plan

Risk Analysis and Management

  • Conduct risk management needs analysis for life, disability, long term care, and critical illness coverage
  • Provide solutions to address risks to your financial objectives
  • Implement and maintain risk management solutions and strategies

Cash Management Analysis

  • Determine current lifestyle spending
  • Review lifestyle spending trends and discuss principles for balancing savings with current lifestyle
  • Advise on any current or future decisions regarding debt, including but not limited to mortgage decisions, vehicle financing strategies, lines of credit, and credit card debt
  • Provide recommendations on debt strategies to improve your present and/or future cash flows
  • Implement debt strategies

Education Planning

  • Implement savings plan(s) to provide education funding for children, monitor the progress and adjust as necessary to reflect changing time horizons and government rules

Business Owner
Planning Services

  • Develop and advise on tax efficient strategies to optimize corporate cash flow and investments.
  • Review financial statements and optimize operational structures and processes.
  • Advise on creditor protection issues and corporate insurance strategies.
  • Advise on corporate share structure, trusts, holding companies, estate freezes. Review business succession plans and shareholder agreements.

Tax Planning Strategies

  • Provide detailed recommendations on tax strategies to optimize your financial position and enhance your after-tax income
  • Personal tax return preparation for individuals is a complimentary service.
  • Comlementary personal tax return preparation for individuals.

Estate Planning Review
and Strategies

  • Review your current power of attorney documents. Review your current will(s) and discuss the flow of assets, timing, taxation, efficiency, cost and unique considerations.
  • Complimentary will and power of attorney document preparation. Review ownership and beneficiary designations of assets and ensure these structures are consistent with your executed legal documents.
  • Blended family estate planning
  • Order of passing analysis

NOTE: Our advice is based on financial planning principles. It is not intended to replace advice by a licensed lawyer. We work with your lawyer to assist in the process of completing your wills and powers of attorney.

Specific Goal Analysis

For each of your goals, we offer the following services:
  • Preparing projections and analyses to illustrate different strategies and solutions available to you. We will provide prudent recommendations and outline which strategies will be most effective in achieving your goals.
  • Review of your goals and planning strategies at least once per year.

Wealth and Investment Management

  • Assessing your personal risk tolerance and assessing your optimal level of risk
  • Provide a recommendation on the investment portfolio that is most suitable
  • A review of your recommended portfolio and education on what to expect from the portfolio
  • Implementing the investment recommendation and managing your portfolio over time
  • Monitoring portfolios and rebalancing (as required)

Frequently Asked Questions

According to a study by Vanguard, working with a financial advisor may increase your investment returns. They identified several factors that helped contribute to this conclusion: Financial advisors can coach clients through behavioral finance, provide effective planning and advice, and help to strategically rebalance your portfolio. But more importantly, a good financial advisor can help you stick to your long-term financial plan during volatile markets to make sure you stay on track to reach your goals.

Vanguard Research – Putting a value on your value: Quantifying Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha – February 2019.
The returns cited by Vanguard do not represent the returns of any particular investment, do not represent returns over any given time period and are not guarantees of future results. The actual amount of value added may vary significantly depending on clients’ circumstances and market conditions.

Our investment advice is independent and objective, but more than that, it’s personal. It starts by assessing your financial goals. Then, using our proprietary analysis, your financial advisor will create a personal portfolio that is uniquely aligned with those goals and with your risk tolerance. This isn’t a one-time event, though; it’s the beginning of an ongoing relationship that will continue as you go through each stage of life and your situation and circumstances change.

Someone from our team will give you a call in the next two days to schedule an appointment. When you meet with your financial planner, you’ll talk about your dreams and goals – and get a personal financial plan. And if you’re worried about achieving your financial goals, make a list of your needs, wants and wishes, and your advisor can help you stay on track. You deserve to move your financial life forward, and hiring a fiduciary financial advisor – one who will only act in your best interests – is the first step.